Company Name:  PRINCE VAPE LLC

Brand Name:  LAMBDA

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Shop No: ABA 23

Near Main Gate

A Section Dragon Mart 1

Dubai United Arab Emirates

Shop No:  AAG 09

Near AB Gate

B Section, Dragon Mart 1

Dubai United Arab Emirates

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Established in 2011, Lambda Vape is a progressive retail establishment in the electronic cigarette industry based out of California. Our personal philosophy is to give consumers more than what they pay for. With an uncompromising drive to exceed expectations, we are committed to help customers experience the best possible shopping experience. Furthermore, we invested in a strict, industry-leading age verification system to verify every single order for youth prevention in accordance with federal law.

Trash The Ash…Get In The Lambda. offers a wide array of the vape products and accessories, complemented with premium vape juice to satisfy your needs. With the industry growing and becoming more innovative, we have an unerring fascination for the newest technology and the latest products. Through continued partnership with major manufacturers, we are able to receive the best pricing available, creating an outlet of considerable savings for our customers with unbeatable prices and thousands of selection. The Lambda Vape team aims to push the boundaries of service to deliver customers a completely satisfying experience.

Lambda Vape is committed to the vibrant vaping community. We are an active member of Vapor Tech Association (VTA) and donated to vape advocacy groups such as American Vaping Association (AVA).

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Company Proflie

LAMBDA, A Product Of Prince Vape LLC. was established in 2011, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Original is our brand, also our persistent original spirit.

We focus on R&D, produce and sell (OEM/ODM): Heat-not-burn E-Cigarette, Bluetooth Smart Speaker, etc., which is must original, creative, high-end and high cost-effective!

Quality approvals such as FCC, CE, RoHS are available for easy imports into global markets! At present, our products have imported to North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

We always persist in:
Original Idea
We are working on improve the positive experience and make the creative ideas to change the life!

  1. Original Design
    1. We have a R&D team with average more than 5 years of industry design experience, to make our products more enjoyable, more convenient and simple.
  1. Original Patent
    1. We have our own patents to all our products! So to avoid the homogeneous competition.
  1. Original Mould
    1. Having our own mould factory, good control the production time and quality.
  1. Original Production
    Having our own factory and average more than 10 years of management and production team to produce and check the quality!
    As an innovative and creative company, Original has always advocated the creation of products that make user’s technological life more convenient and simple. Original is still in way to become the trendsetter in industry, but we always believe we can be, because “Original is the First”!
  2. Original Selling & Service
    Having average more than 5 years of domestic and international sales team team, specialized and professional! We’re capable of providing reliable quality products at competitive price, with on-time delivery and outstanding follow up service.